Taylor Baines Ltd. is an independent information assurance and risk management consultancy established to provide business focused, un-biased, practical advice.

Mission Statement

  • Our goal is to help you to solve your information security, governance, assurance and risk management issues and to become your trusted adviser in this field.

  • We aim to deliver quality, cost-effective, business focused advice that enables your organisation to do business securely.

  • All advice given will be based upon the fundamental principles of information security and will be aligned to industry standard best practices and your organisation's business strategy.

  • At all times we aim to operate in a professional and ethical manner and to deliver the highest quality services.

  • Taylor Baines Ltd. will always be mindful of the needs and requirements of your organisation and will help you to ensure that your information security, assurance and risk management is effective and efficient, delivering real benefit to your organisation and your customers.